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The Wrap Dispenser can be used with every standard film- and tinfoil rolls from the supermarket.


  • Price: 23,00 USD, 20,10 EURO, 150,00 DKK (Shipping not included - We calculate this and send details)

  • ABS plastic (food safe)

  • Fits rolls up to 30 cm. in length

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble

  • Easy to clean

  • Sharp teeth

  • Simple and elegant design

  • Fits on your kitchen table or in your drawer

  • Save time & money

  • Colors: Mint green, Grey

  • Dimensions: W: 326 mm H: 55 mm D: 85 mm

KD Wrap Dispenser

Here is a new and smart kitchen product that will simplify your everyday life. Wrap your leftovers in quickly and easily. It is easy to cut off cling film or aluminum foil. The dispenser is easy to disassemble, assemble and clean and it is super convenient as it can both stand alone or be in a drawer.


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