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About the studio

Kronholm Design Copenhagen was founded in the year 2010. Great teamwork ever since made Kronholm Design Copenhagen a great place to make design projects. Today the company is making products in its own brand. The studio welcomes all kinds of projects, and our vision is to make great looking design with simplicity in mind, and high functionality for the consumer market.


The studio consists of creative people plus one internship. Each of us with our own way of handling constructive and innovative design work for the KD brand. We constantly seek new projects to evolve with and we are looking for fresh clients and business partners or even sponsors who wants their ideas come to life. The slogan of KD is "Design Your Way". And we will become our best to achieve this.


The three main characteristics and skills, our company provides are: Passion, innovation and creativity.

Kronholm Design Copenhagen is a professional business. We have a passionate interest in everything we do. We dare to take risks and we follow our intuition. Everything being designed with the heart, even if it can be risky.


Kronholm Design Copenhagen's mission is to find the best solution for goods and services in design, art and innovation. Our goal is to design soulful products based on human needs and creative thinking.



We are always ready to help companies that want to create exciting and eye-catching products. We are 100% throughout the entire design process, from the initial analysis of the problem to the finished design. We are focused on taking a sustainable approach to the projects we will develop.


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